Effective Communication About The Importance of Oral Health

Encouraging caregivers & families to understand and prioritize oral health is a way to decrease oral disease in children.  You can help teach families about nutrition, brushing teeth and scheduling a visit with a dentist and creating a dental home.

What to keep in mind when speaking to caregivers & families:

  • Importance of oral health care, including age-appropriate brushing habits, early detection of decay, and good nutrition
  • Be aware of their attitudes toward dental care and address any questions or concerns they have about caring for their child’s oral health
  • Messages should be clear, short, and simple
  • Provide various methods of communication – posters, picture handouts, hands-on demonstrations
  • Urge parents to take an active role in caring for their child’s teeth at all stages
  • Motivate parents to model good oral health practices like brushing their teeth twice a day, flossing once a day, visiting a dentist regularly, and eating healthy foods
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